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Recent progress in the treatment of infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia
D Tomizawa (P.811)

Prostaglandin E-mediated molecular mechanisms driving remodeling of the ductus arteriosus
U Yokoyama  (P. 820)
Management of pediatric renal tumor: Past and future trials of the Japan Wilms Tumor Study Group
T Oue et al. (P. 828)


Factors affecting perioperative mortality in tetralogy of Fallot
M Saygi et al. (P. 832)

Plasma H2S predicts coronary artery lesions in children with Kawasaki disease
Y Sun et al. (P. 840)
Child Abuse/Neglect
Differences between abusive head trauma and physical abuse in Japan
K Tanoue and K Matsui  (P. 845)
田上 幸治 他

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
Association among number, order and type of siblings and adolescent mental health at age 12
J Liu et al. (P. 849)
劉 菊芬 他
Prevalence of ADHD in primary school children in Vinh Long, Vietnam
H D Pham et al. (P. 856)
Gait analysis in Down syndrome pediatric patients using a sheet-type gait analyzer: Pilot study
M Naito et al. (P. 860)
内藤 真紀子 他
Mineral status of premature infants in early life and linear growth at age 3
T Isojima et al. (P. 864)
磯島 豪 他

Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and type 1 diabetes mellitus in a Korean population
C-K Cheon et al. (P.870)
Pediatric patients with pheochromocytoma: Experience of a tertiary health center
E Eren et al. (P. 875)
Additional patients with 4q deletion: Severe growth delay and polycystic kidney disease associated with 4q21q22 loss
S Sakazume et al. (P. 880)
坂爪 悟 他
Novel cystathionine β-synthase gene mutations in a Filipino patient with classic homocystinuria
C L T Silao et al. (P. 884)
Infectious Disease
Clinical findings in 10 children with H275Y influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus infection
F Kakuya et al. (P. 888)
角谷 不二雄 他
Comparison of tuberculin skin test and QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube for the diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis
Uzunhan et al. (P. 893)
Childbirth expense support and small-for-gestationalage infants in Japan
S Tsuchiya and K Ohashi (P. 897)
助産制度の利用とSGA(small for gestational age)
土屋 さやか 他
Effect of late-onset fetal growth restriction on organization of behavioral state in infants
V Aldrete-Cortez et al. (P. 902)
Neonatal sepsis in a rapidly growing, tertiary neonatal intensive care unit: Trends over 18 years
J S Heo et al. (P. 909)
Clinical characteristics of rotavirus gastroenteritis with urinary crystals
A Shirasu et al. (P. 917)
白数 明彦 他
Susceptibility-weighted imaging in acute-stage pediatric convulsive disorders
H Iwasaki et al. (P. 922)
岩崎 博樹 他
Electroencephalogram valid rate in simple reaction time task as an easy index of children’s attention functions
Y-C Liao et al. (P. 930)
Verifying the Indonesian version of the Child Behavior Checklist
S Hartini et al. (P. 936)
Fasting and bed rest, even for a relatively short period, are risk factors for ceftriaxone-associated pseudolitiasis
S Murata et al. (P. 942)
村田 真野 他
Total parenteral nutrition treatment efficacy in adolescent eating disorders
A Tamura et al. (P. 947)
田村 彰 他
Serum bacterial DNA detection in patients with cholangitis after Kasai procedure
Q Luo et al. (P. 954)
Public Health
Screening for secondhand smoke in schoolchildren in Japan
T Ino and K Kurosawa (P. 961)
井埜 利博 他


Massive pericardial effusion due to intrapericardial mixed germ cell tumor in a premature baby
Ö Doksöz et al. (P. 968)

New ATP-binding cassette A3 mutation causing surfactant metabolism dysfunction pulmonary type 3
F Piersigilli et al. (P. 970)
Adenovirus necrotizing hepatitis complicating atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor
S J McKillop et al. (P. 974)
Sporadic Epstein syndrome with macrothrombocytopenia, sensorineural hearing loss and renal failure
S Makino et al. (P. 977)
Radionuclide cholescintigraphy in genetically confirmed Rotor syndrome
P Sirucek et al. (P. 981)
Acute Raoultella planticola cystitis in a child with rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder neck
J H Yoon et al. (P. 985)
Neglect-induced pseudo-thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura due to vitamin B12 deficiency
T Asano et al. (P. 988)
Strict management of a pregnant patient with giant coronary artery aneurysm due to Kawasaki disease
K Taniguchi et al. (P. 990)
Surgical complications due to postnatal cytomegalovirus infection in a preterm infant with malrotation
A Torregrossa et al. (P. 993)
Pediatric myositis ossificans mimicking osteosarcoma
K Yamaga et al. (P. 996)
Rare combination of congenital heart disease and pulmonary alveolar proteinosis
Y Tanaka et al. (P. 999)
Escherichia coli O121:H19 infection identified on microagglutination assay and PCR
T Sakai et al. (P. 1001)
Familial cleidocranial dysplasia misdiagnosed as rickets over three generations
R Franceschi et al. (P. 1003)
Neonatal Meckel diverticulum: Obstruction due to a short mesodiverticular band
T Kunitsu et al. (P. 1007)
Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis complicated by Down syndrome
H Watanabe et al. (P. 1009)
Remission of autoimmune neutropenia after development of Kawasaki disease
S Okada et al. (P. 1012)
Full circle: Resolving an adolescent’s end-of-life issues
F N Abd Rahman et al. (P. 1015)
Infective endocarditis associated with acute leukemia: Report of two cases
D Keino et al. (P. 1017)
Effects of tolvaptan on congestive heart failure complicated with chylothorax in a neonate
N Sato et al. (P. 1020)
Japanese family with congenital factor VII deficiency
K Sakakibara et al. (P. 1023)
Adrenocortical tumor with precocious puberty in a 2-month-old girl
J-B Marret et al. (P. 1025)


Features of children with positive celiac serology and type 1 diabetes mellitus
P Tanpowpong et al. (P. 1028)
Eligibility for palivizumab prophylaxis in a cohort of children with severe bronchiolitis
K Hasegawa et al. (P. 1031)
Spontaneous improvement in a pediatric patient with peripheral T-cell lymphoma
R Kobayashi et al. (P. 1035)
Pneumomediastinum, pneumorrhachis and subcutaneous emphysema associated with viral infections: Report of three cases
N Emiralioğlu et al. (P. 1038)
Incidence of childhood primary immune thrombocytopenic purpura
M Higashigawa et al. (P. 1041)
Relieving pain and distress during venipuncture: Pilot study of the Japan Environment and Children’s Study (JECS)
K Yamamoto-Hanada et al. (P. 1044)


Ingested large fish hook in the stomach of a 2- year-old boy
M Tagawa and H Wakabayashi (P. 1048)
Suction entrapment of an upper limb in a swimming pool
R S Fiaño et al. (P. 1049)
Giant thymolipoma in a young child initially diagnosed as cardiomegaly
T Onoda et al. (P. 1051)


Pyomyositis and bacteremia due to Staphylococcus aureus as onset of acute promyelocytic leukemia
N Domínguez-Pinilla et al. (P. 1053)
How long is transient tachypnea of the newborn dependent on oxygen supplementation?
I Morioka et al. (P. 1054)
Iodine-induced non-autoimmune hypothyroidism in a patient with steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome
M Takakura et al. (P. 1055)