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Japanese pediatric guideline for the treatment and management of bronchial asthma 2012
 Y Hamasaki et al. (p.441)


Recent advances in Langerhans cell histiocytosis
 A Morimoto et al. (p.451)
Prevalence of Emanuel syndrome: Theoretical frequency and surveillance result
 T Ohye et al. (p.462)
Congenital hyperinsulinism: Global and Japanese perspectives
 T Yorifuji et al. (p.467)
Canavan disease: Clinical features and recent advances in research
 H Hoshino and M Kubota (p.477)
Pathophysiology and Japanese clinical characteristics in Marfan syndrome
 D Fujita et al. (p.484)
Biochemical and clinical features of hereditary hyperprolinemia
 H Mitsubuchi et al. (p.492)
Does frenotomy improve breast-feeding difficulties in infants with ankyloglossia?
 Y Ito (p.497)
Diagnosis and treatment of urea cycle disorder in Japan
 K Nakamura et al. (p.506)


Pneumothorax in patients with severe combined immunodeficiency
 A Hoshino et al. (p.510)
 星野 顕宏、他
Vitamin D status in children with attention-deficit–hyperactivity disorder
 SB Goksugur et al. (p.515)
Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Central and Eastern Europe
 A Jurecka et al. (p.520)
Effect of meropenem with or without immunoglobulin as second-line therapy for pediatric febrile neutropenia
 R Kobayashi et al. (p.526)
 小林 良二、他
Efficacy of deferasirox in children with β-thalassemia: Single-center 3 year experience
 A Aycicek et al. (p.530)
Wilms tumor: Experience of a hospital in southern Brazil
 VO Provenzi et al. (p.534)
Longitudinal nutritional assessment in acute lymphoblastic leukemia during treatment
 Y Higashiyama et al. (p.541)
 東山 幸恵、他
Infectious Disease
Genetic point-of-care diagnosis of Mycoplasma pneumonia infection using LAMP assay
 F Kakuya et al. (p.547)
 角谷 不二雄、他
Outcome of congenital diaphragmatic hernia with indication for Fontan procedure
 N Shiono et al. (p.553)
 塩野 展子、他
Intrauterine growth restriction modifies gene expression profiling in cord blood
 T Yoshida et al. (p.559)
 吉田 丈俊、他
Predicting onset of chronic lung disease using cord blood cytokines
 D Takao et al. (p.566)
 高尾 大士、他
Intra-hospital mortality among neonates transported by
ambulance in Colombia
 J Alvarado-Socarras et al. (p.571)
Cyclosporine for acute encephalopathy with biphasic seizures and late reduced diffusion
 Y Watanabe et al. (p.577)
 渡辺 好宏、他
Depressive symptoms in children with chronic gastrointestinal disorders
 S Jayanath et al. (p.583)
Pediatric Surgery
Clinical, psychological and maternal characteristics in early functional constipation
 H Kilincaslan et al. (p.588)
Public Health
Epidemiological study of self-reported sleep problems in Turkish high school adolescents
 A Kilincaslan et al. (p.594)
Age at menarche in a group of French schoolgirls
 L Lalys and J-C Pineau (p.601)


Munc13-4 deficiency with CD5 downregulation on activated CD8+ T cells
 T Wada et al. (p.605)
Coexistence of neuroblastoma detected on staging of Langerhans cell histiocytosis
 T Shiohama et al. (p.608)
Rare cause of macroscopic hematuria in a pediatric patient:Nephrogenic adenoma of the bladder
 N Goknar et al. (p.611)
Ex utero intrapartum treatment for an infant with cerebro-costo-mandibular syndrome
 K Ogasawara et al. (p.613)
First pediatric case of Chromobacterium haemolyticum causing proctocolitis
 P Tanpowpong et al. (p.615)
Streptococcus pulmonary empyema after varicella infection in a serologically immunocompetent boy
 H Yamaguchi et al. (p.618)
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt infection with Listeria innocua
 A Karli et al. (p.621)
Computed tomography findings of ongoing subgaleal hemorrhage
 M Hangai et al. (p.623)
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in a girl with Wilson’s disease
 S Maeda et al. (p.626)


Experience of decortication for restrictive hemodynamics in adults with congenital heart disease
 M Mizuno et al. (p.630)
Comparison of fluid leakage from four different cuffed pediatric endotracheal tubes using a pediatric airway simulation model
 N Komasawa et al. (p.634)
Incidence of death from congenital toxoplasmosis in 0–4-year-old children in Japan
 T Hoshino et al. (p.637)
Current human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 mother-to-child transmission prevention status in Kagoshima
 Y Nerome et al. (p.640)
Increased satisfaction of maternity hospital staff involved in fetal telediagnosis
 T Hishitani et al. (p.644)
Unrelated cord blood and bone marrow transplantation in pediatric leukemia
 Y Arakawa et al. (p.647)
Physical activity and movement skills proficiency of young Filipino children
 CM Capio et al. (p.651)


Endoscopic ultrasonography appearance of pancreatic rest
 H Kumagai et al (p.654)


Reply to “Screening for anemia: Is this ready for prime time?”
 I Amano and A Murakami (p.655)

PATIENT REPORTS (The following articles are available online only.)

The following articles are available online at
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: Rare cause of meningitis
 CR Correia et al. (e21)
Hypocalcemic cardiomyopathy as initial presentation of primary hypoparathyroidism
 S Velayuthan et al. (e23)
Case of Desbuquois dysplasia type 1: Potentially lethal skeletal dysplasia
 S Inoue et al. (e26)
Rapid deterioration of primary fourth ventricular outlet obstruction resulting in syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion
 H Hashimoto et al. (e30)
Carbamazepine–imatinib interaction in a child with chronic myeloid leukemia
 K Taguchi et al. (e33)
Facial palsy as an unusual presenting symptom associated with acute myeloid leukemia
 K Kubota et al. (e37)
Novel mutation in the TMPRSS6 gene with iron-refractory iron deficiency anemia
 K Kodama et al. (e41)
Measurement of cytokine levels in cerebrospinal fluid over time in neonatal Enterococcal meningitis
 N Ikeda et al. (e45)
Esophago-gastric motility and nutritional management in a child with ATR-X syndrome
 T Watanabe et al. (e48)